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These are computer aided design (CAD) program used for 2-D and 3-D design and drafting. AutoCAD is developed and marketed by Autodesk inc. and was one of the initial CAD programs that could be executed on persona computer  AutoCAD is the golden standard for Autodesk technology and application through out the world. The Autodesk is the world number one supplier of different application (software) such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit etc.
AutoCAD application is found in almost all the Building and Construction companies in the world. With the introduction of different version of AutoCAD, Autodesk has made AutoCAD a user friendly and robust Application which has made all AutoCAD users highly skillful when using AutoCAD to create drawings


  • To employ the skills of drawings in Two and three Dimensions. ¬†
  • To Construct Building and Road plans in a professional ways

  • Basic Ability with Computer graphic
  • Basic Ability with mathematics up to 40%

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Create architectural drawings
  • Create mechanical drawings
  • Create electrical drawings
  • Create engineering drawings


  • Technology partners with Oracle, Comptia, Microsoft, Cisco, Pearson VUE , Adobe e.t.c
  • Get trained by certified faculties
  • Using CCT's practical learning methodology
  • Learn with latest softwares and training kits
  • State of the art learning facilities


This course is mapped to international certifications in Autocard with the following tracks
  • AUTODESK CERTIFIED USER: This certification are for those who relatively new to Autodesk software and want to demonstrate basic proficiency can see to become certified users. Certification at this level helps demonstrate a commitment to academic success or carrier development.
  • AUTODESK CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS: Those who process more advance skills and can solve complex workflow and design challenges will, in most cases, pursue recognition as certified professionals. Certification at this level demonstrate the skills needed to standout from the competition and pursue carrier advancement

JOB OPPORTUNITY: A grandaunt of AutoCAD can work as a Building or Construction Engineer in any multi- National company or in a Building and Construction Company



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