DURATION: 216 hours
CERTIFICATE TITLE: MTA(Microsoft Technology Associate) & MCSA
ELIGIBILITY: fresher's / Under Graduates/Graduates

Organizations face constantly changing problems, diverse styles of working and over changing information needs, which offers a challenging context developing computer based management information system(MIS). An MIS use computer technology to provide information and decision support to managers, helping them become more effective.
MIS which stands for Management Information System, provides information that is needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively .An MIS is distinct from other information systems as they are used to analyze operational activities in the organization.


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Managers require data which is timely, precise, detailed, internal and historical. Upper level managers need data which is aggregated, external as well as internal, future-oriented as well as historical and covering a longer span time. An effective MIS cannot be built without viable data management tools. Such tools were not generally available previously. An important key to a successful MIS is the effective management of an organization's data resources.
The Modules are as follows :

  • Microsoft office 2010
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • Management information system
  • Microsoft Access 2010
  • Common Business processes
  • Microsoft SQL 2012
  • Work simulation

MIS Goals and Objectives

Modern day business is dependent on analysis .Fast and accurate analysis of data is required for making business decisions and planning strategies. Information systems need to integrate and analyse large volumes of data from several sources in order to present an accurate picture of the business situation.Organisations use spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) to perform these activities, as they are fast and accurate tools for performing complex data analysis. All these are the concepts and scheme of the MIS skills.

The goals are as follows:

  • Communication
    Effective written and oral communication through producing a professional quality business document, and a professional oral presentation
  • Analytical Rigor
    Problem solving competence appropriate to their field of study and the Ability to utilize contemporary information technology in business decision making.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    Competence in entrepreneurial processes (i.e., opportunity recognition, value creation, etc.) through an applied experience
  • Ethical Leadership
    Competence in ethical reasoning and judgment in addressing complexities in life and business.


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At the end of the program you will be able to undertake the following:

  • Understanding the basics of computer and working windows
  • Creating , saving , formatting enhancing and documents using Ms Word
  • Using advanced Microsoft Word tools
  • Creating ,saving , formatting and enhancing presentations using MS PPT
  • Creating and sending mails using Microsoft outlook
  • Analyzing and manipulating data and creating management report Dashboards using Microsoft access
  • Analyzing and manipulation data using Microsoft SQL

    • Technology partners with Microsoft
    • Get trained by Microsoft certified faculties
    • Using Microsoft's practical learning methodology
    • Learn with latest softwares and training kits
    • State of the art learning facilities

    Job opportunities:
    MIS executives, DBA(Database Administrator)


    This course is mapped to international certifications in Project Management with the following tracks
    • Certificate in MIS
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