The National Diploma (ND) is an approved academic program of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Education and the National Board for Technical education (NBTE). The National Diploma provides access to Technical and Vocational education in Nigeria, thus providing an alternative route to higher education. On completion of academic studies, students are awarded the National Innovation Diploma which is equivalent to National Diploma certificates awarded by polytechnics and monotechnics within Nigeria. Complete Computers And Technology Innovation Institute is one of the few private institutions licensed to offer the National Diploma program and also award the relevant diploma.
Duration: 2years

  • Software Engineering
  • Networking and system security
  • Multimedia Technology
  • Hardware Engineering
  • National Vocation in Computer

Software Engineering

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Entry Requirement:
five (5) credit level passes in GCE '0' level or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) at no more than two sittings. The five subjects must include; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and any other subjects for Networking and Software student. Mathematics, English and any other three subject for multimedia.
Objectives of the programe :
A product of ND in computer Software Engineering should be able to

  • Develop and maintain software
  • Detect technical faults in a computer software
  • Design and test software to optimize its production and support
  • Design and run efficient programs in a wide spectrum of field, and in various languages
  • Install a computer system
  • Produce large high quality software systems
  • Advice on the installation of computer facilities
  • Carryout routine (preventive) maintenance of computer facilities
  • Work with a team on a project
  • Become an employer of labour in a self owned enterprise

Networking and System Security

Goal and Objectives :
Goal: To produce technically competent manpower to meet the National requirements in the areas of designing, installation,
maintenance and management of local, wide area and wireless network environment.

Entry requirements :
for National Diploma in Networking & System Security The general entry requirements for the ND programme are:
(i) Post Secondary School Leavers with 5 Credits level passes in SSCE or equivalent, who are desirous of acquiring relevant employable skills
(ii.) Unemployed or under-employed graduates looking for requisite employable skills
(iii). Employed graduates who desire relevant or additional working skills
(iv.) Those out of school for a long time, in line with Government desire for open access to re-skilling and up-skilling of the nations workforce as part of Life Long Learning (LLL)
(v). Post NVC Final (articulation from the VEIs)

A product of ND in computer Network Engineering should be able to :

  • Understand the concept of operating systems and the various types in use
  • Know how to perform the basic operating system setting and system management.
  • Know how to share documents and folders and set security features
  • Know basic storage management across the various operating system platforms.
  • Know how to create user accounts and manage user account
  • Know basic hardware and software add on a system

Multimedia Technology

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Goal and objectives of the programme:
The programme is designed to equip the students with creative and designing skills which would give them an opportunity to move in the various fields of digital media. In addition, students will develop and produce impressive motion graphics for possible inclusion in a final portfolio with articulated written plans, which would lead to their own unique portfolio.
Entry Requirements into the programme:
(1) Students who have completed senior secondary school and obtained 5 credits at NECO or WAEC at not more than two (2) sittings in the following: Mathematics, English Any Science subject -Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agric. Science Fine Art/Technical Drawing Any of the Social Sciences , Economics, History, Literature in English, Geography
(2) Completion of a relevant Vocational Enterprise programme
(3) Graduates of tertiary institutions

Job Description:

  • Multimedia Developer/Specialist/Technician
  • Instructional Design Technician
  • Computer Graphics Artist
  • Multimedia Illustrator
  • Desktop Media Publisher
  • Interface Designer
  • Animator
  • Script Integrator
  • Digital Journalist
  • Presentation Artist
  • Audio - Visual operator/technician
  • Digital Video Editor

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